What is a live casino for mobile?

Over the recent years, the mobile industry has developed to such an extent that it is now possible for them to access online casinos through the device. Previously other casino games were already available for a mobile but the live games were considered too heavy for the mobile devices to cope. Now there has been a dramatic improvement in technology, Wi-Fi capability and an overall movement towards on-the-go access, which has prompted a shift towards these games being available on a mobile. The live casino on a mobile is therefore essentially exactly the same as it is on the desktop, just now available on a mobile. Players can either access these games through the desktop browser site in the same manner they would when using a desktop, or they cannot use the casino’s app.

For a long time, most casinos did not offer a specific app aimed at mobile users as it was simple for mobile users to uses the browser site. However, these sites did not tend to be so compatible or user friendly on a mobile device. The development of the apps has meant that the games are displayed in a similar yet much clearer fashion and all games run smoothly on the mobile software though this will depend on the individual’s device that they are using and whether all the device’s software is up to date.

Mostly, the games are no different on a mobile in comparison to the desktop versions. They have the same rules and requirements in order to play them and will offer the same betting options. The only difference is in the way that they look as they have been designed to be more easily viewed on a small screen. This means that some of the games will be larger on the mobile with clearer buttons that can be tapped using a finger rather than being clicked with a mouse. The only downside to the mobile casino versions at the moment is that not all of the games are available. The selection on a mobile app is usually limited in comparison to what is on offer on the desktop site, though casinos are making vast inroads into changing this with more games added to mobile apps all the time.

Mobile live casino bonuses

Mobile live casino bonuses work exactly as they do on the desktop versions. In fact, these two different platform types, when run by the same casino can be used interchangeably by the player. This means that the player can sign into their account and play on their mobile for a time period and then later choose to switch and play on the desktop version as and when it suits them. With this in mind, it means that all bonuses are the same across both platforms and this simply helps to avoid any confusion.

The usual live casino bonuses that are on offer tend to be the match deposit bonus. This is where the player signs up to the casino and then makes a small, or large, deposit into their own account. The casino will then match this deposit, allowing the player to play the casino games with a larger bankroll. These match bonuses can be anywhere from 50% through to 400%, and the maximum value that will be matched also varies from 50.00 all the way up to 1000.00 in some instances. As the mobile app allows players to make deposits, this bonus is always accessible on these devices. Wagering requirements will apply equally to both platforms and will also be the same across the board.

Why choose live casino games for mobile?

There are a number of pros and cons that come along with choosing live games on a mobile versus those on a desktop. For the most part, if the Internet connection is good and the mobile device’s software is up to date, then the games will run just as smoothly on the mobile device as they do on a desktop. Players should be aware though that software developers focus mainly on the newer models so later updates for mobile apps may or may not be compatible with older devices. In fact, with developers putting so much effort into their mobile apps, gaming on a mobile has been optimized to an even greater extent than their desktop counterpart. This is true for all games across the board and not just for the live games platform. For example, many desktop games have been built using Flash and if the desktop browser no longer supports it then the game will run badly or in some cases, not at all. The mobile apps on the other hand run on HTML5 software, which is used by all mobile devices across the board making them run well. These apps have also been built from scratch rather than added to along the way and for the most part have erased any bugs or glitches that might occur.

The only downside to playing a live game on a mobile is in its size. Part of the fun for participating in live games is to feel immersed in the casino environment. Mobile devices have small screens that are not quite as impressive as watching an HD quality game on a larger screen. Nevertheless, there is a definite plus in being able to access these games from anywhere at any time, players can effectively take the live casino with them wherever they go. Players should note though that streaming live video is a rather memory and battery heavy function so it is important to remain near a power source so as not to drop out of the game at a crucial moment.

Mobile casinos are a platform of the now, and are only getting better and better. The instant accessibility and user friendliness of these apps is dramatically increasing their popularity. At the end of the day it is really the player’s own choice of device and Internet supplier that will have an effect on their enjoyment of the casino games.