Three card poker is one of the newest forms of poker, as it was only invented in 1994. With that in mind it is still fast becoming one of the more popular versions of the game especially in the live casino world. This is possibly due to the fact that a lot of the traditional pressure that comes when playing poker, is alleviated by the fact that it is not played against other players but instead is just against the dealer. However, the live game allows players to join in the fun and offers the chance of great payouts coupled with a lively visual atmosphere and the chance to connect with other players at the table. It is also an excellent way of learning the game the final bonus is that it can be enjoyed from the comfort of the home.

How to play live Three card poker

The main goal of Three card poker is for the player to beat the hand of the dealer. The game is most commonly played with just one deck of cards with a new deck used after each hand has been completed. There are just seven combinations that can create a win – these are a pair, three of a kind, a high card, straight, straight flush, flush and royal flush. Each of the different winning hands offers a different payout. Players can find different bet limits at different tables that will cater to their specific budget.

The first move is for the player to place their bet. Then three cards are dealt to the player, which are left face up. The dealer then deals three to his or herself but these remain hidden to the player. At this point the player has to choose whether they will fold or continue on with the hand. To play the hand the player will need to make an additional bet that is equal to the one that they made at the start of the hand. After this has been done, the dealer will reveal the cards and then the two hands are compared with the highest hand winning. The dealer has to qualify with at least a queen in order for the two hands to be compared. If the dealer does not have a queen or higher, then the player’s bets are simply returned, and the initial first bet is paid at 1 to 1.

There is a six-card bonus bet in place that players can take. This bet involves all six cards, and involves the player making the best five card hand from the six cards. If the five cards can make a combination of three of a kind or higher, the player will win the bet regardless of whether their individual three cards won the round.

Useful live three card poker tips

Three card poker may have relatively simple rules and a somewhat less stressful atmosphere than other poker variants like Texas Hold’em but there are still a number of aspects to bear in mind that can actually help to improve a player’s chance of winning. It is important the players do not get distracted by three card poker’s easy game play and actually focus on finding and using an optimal strategy. It doesn’t matter how easy the game is, the aim for any player is still to win.

One strategy to bear in mind is learning when to raise the hand. For example, it is important to raise the ante and play the hand whenever it contains a queen, six and four or higher. This is the lowest hand that should be played by the player – anything lower than this should be folded and the player should simply wait for the next hand in order to progress. The dealer will need a queen or higher in order to qualify for the round. Hands are scored based on which one has the highest card, then the subsequent highest until the third and last card. Simply put, this card combination will give the player the best chance of winning alongside the lowest losing rate.

Side bets may be a good idea in some casino games, but when it comes to Three card poker these bets are best avoided. They are really only lucrative if played with a large bankroll. For the most part, these side bets are only there to create a profit for the live casino. These make the most money simply because they have the highest house edge. Payouts are large so it is easy to be tempted by them but in terms of surviving through the game it is important to keep a good bankroll at all times therefore they should be avoided.
Following on from the previous suggestion, if a player really wants to take the Pair Plus bet and wish to make the most of the lowest house edge possible, then it is recommended that they make a bet that is the same amount for the Pair Plus as the one they made for the ante. However, as mentioned before, it is recommended to avoid any side bets unless it can really be afforded by the player. For those that are new to the game or don’t play on a regular basis, it is definitely not a suggested course of play as it won’t bring the player ahead in the game.

Lastly, it is not recommended for players to play blind. Any logic will dictate that statistics and probability will be against this being a sensible move. Playing blind will increase the house edge to 7.6% whereas playing using the dealer strategy will have a house edge of 3.4%. Not playing blind is therefore simple logic.

Three card poker is a fast paced game that translates exceptionally well to the live platform. However, its simplicity can belie how complicated a win actually can be. It is important that players do not rest easy when playing and it is advised that prior to getting involved in the rather frenetic environment that is the live casino, they acquaint themselves with the rules through the demo virtual games that are also available online.