Live roulette takes the popular wheel and ball game and transfers it to the online world. The overall game play is exactly as it would be in a land-based casino or indeed on a virtual game. The difference here is that the game is setup in a studio and then filmed live whilst broadcasting the feed to players who have joined in the game. The live dealer will greet any player who joins the game and then give them instructions when they can bet and when betting closes. The dealer will then spin the wheel and drop the ball. Once the spin is over the dealer will announce the winning number, sort out all the bets and the process will begin again.

The huge plus here is that players can access games that they otherwise might not be able to access at a regular casino. For example, many American casinos still do not offer European roulette in land-based form whereas at the live casino, players have access to all of these options. The live game also serves to bring the thrill and genuine atmosphere to the home of the player allowing them to have a more fulfilling interaction with both dealer and other players.

How to play live roulette

First the player needs to find a casino with the live roulette game that they wish to play. After that the player needs to sign up and register an account with the casino. This is done with relative ease as long as the player is over the age of eighteen. Once the account is verified, the player can then deposit money into the account and head over to the live casino section of the online site.

Most live casinos will offer a number of different variants. Mostly, these variants have the same general rules. The aim of the game is to successfully predict which numbered pocket the ball will land in when the wheel is spun and the ball dropped onto the wheel. There is a large paytable where a number of bet options are found. Inside bets pay at a higher rate, but are a little harder to get as they include bets such as a single ball being the one that the ball lands on. Outside bets offer lower payouts, but are much more likely to occur. These include bets as red or black and odds or even, which simply pay out at 2 to 1.

There are three commonly used forms of roulette, and whilst each has the same general rules there are a few slight differences in terms of the overall setup. European roulette contains a wheel with 37 pockets, which contain the numbers 0 through to 36. American roulette on the other hand contains an extra pocket as the wheel also has a double zero pocket. This means that the odds in favour of the player will actually become reduced, as there is an extra number to contend with. The last option is French roulette. This version uses the same wheel as the European version with the added bonus of an En Prison or La Partage rule. This means that any bets placed will pay back half if the ball lands in the green zero pocket. Players can choose to have the bet remain in play for the next round or have the chips returned to them. There are a number of other bets available in the different versions, with some games offering a racetrack that offers call bets in the form of Voisins du Zero and Orphelins both of which add an extra exciting element to the game.

Useful roulette tips

In order to improve the odds of winning, the first thing players need to do is learn the difference between the versions. As mentioned previously, whilst all versions are fun, the French version will offer significantly lower odds in favour of the player and sit at 1.35%. European roulette is similar in its house edge at 2.70% with American roulette at 5.26% being far and away the worst option in terms of creating good winning odds for the player. The lower the house edge, the better it is for the player.

In addition to picking the right roulette game, there are also a number of different betting strategies that can be employed to help the player further increase the likelihood of a win. There are a vast number of roulette strategies and of course none of them will guarantee a win but they can at least increase the possibility. First there is the Martingale system. This involves increasing each bet after a loss occurs until the player makes a win. It is traditionally used on red or black bets but can be used throughout the pay table if progressed in the correct manner. The Reverse Martingale is the same system, just as a positive where the player will increase bets after a win in the hopes of prolonging the winning streak.

Another commonly used technique is the D’Alembert system. This is based on chance wagers and is one of the safer systems to use. it is an even chance system so if the player has the same number of wins and losses, they will come out ahead. The Fibonacci system uses a much slower progression rate than some of the other systems. It attempts to win back any losses over a number of plays rather than on a single spin. this can result in what appear to be extended losing streaks before a win can be made. With this system losing streaks can still result in decent wins.

Whilst these strategies do work to an extent, at the end of the day roulette is purely a game of chance and the ball will simply fall wherever it falls. However, roulette is still an extremely fun and exhilarating game particularly in the live casino environment where the cameras will follow the ball’s every move bringing the player directly into the action.