Casino Hold’em is a relatively new addition to the poker world as a whole, but because of its newness, it was quick to make the jump into the online world and from there to the live casino. The live casino version creates a very authentic casino feel that players can enjoy from the comfort of home. The game is actually a variant of Texas Hold’em, and was initially created as a training tool for that game before it took off and became a popular game in its own right. The game operates on a much faster level than most other poker games which means that hands are over very quickly and with it being one on one with the dealer creates a much more exciting atmosphere. In fact, Casino Hold’em has quickly become one of the most player online poker versions. The live version offers excellent payouts along with side bets and numerous betting options throughout the game.

How to play live Casino Hold’em

The overall game play of Casino Hold’em is in the same vein as Texas Hold’em. The only major difference is in the way that the winner is determined and also on what payouts are offered to the players. As with most poker games, it starts with the player placing an ante bet after which, the dealer then deals out two cards also known as pocket cards. These will be placed face up on the table so that the player sitting at home can see what these cards are. The dealer will then give out two cards to him- or herself, and these will be kept face down so that neither the dealer nor the player knows what they are. After this, the dealer deals the flop or the first three community cards and these will be placed so their value can be seen by all. At this moment, the player can decide whether to fold or call and they can do so by simply clicking the corresponding button on their virtual screen. This will send the information directly to the dealer who will then follow that course of action. Alternatively, the player can communicate their wish directly to the dealer via the live chat function. the player can choose to fold at this juncture, but the ante bet will be lost but if the player decided to call, they will be required to place an extra bet at twice the amount placed for the ante. At this point the last two cards for the community card pile will be dealt.

At this point the dealer will then reveal their cards. If the hand of the dealer qualifies but is higher than the hand of the player then the player will have lost any of the bets they have placed. However, if the dealer qualifies for the round and the player’s hand is better, then the player will win back the ante and the call bet gets paid 1 to 1. If the hand of the dealer cannot qualify for the round, then the player still wins but the call bet is returned though the ante bet is paid out.

The key point when playing Casino Hold’em is in knowing the different poker hands and their values. If a player does not know their rankings then this can be hard for them to determine which hands they should be placing bets on or not. It is therefore very important that players have a good knowledge of standard poker rules.

Useful live Casino Hold’em tips

There are a number of tips that can be utilized by players in a live game of Casino Hold’em that will help improve their winning chances. To begin with, it is important that players can find their optimal strategy. Casino hold’em already has a good house edge but players who think they can make a living from it are going to be disappointed. The casino always has the advantage, so the only option is to develop a workable strategy that will make losses occur as minimally as possible whilst gaining at least some profit at the same time. The best strategy would enable the player to pay 82% of the hands whilst only folding 18% of the time and this latter scenario will occur when there is no chance for a flush or straight.

For newcomers to the game it is important to have all the basic ground knowledge of a standard poker game. Casino Hold’em is an easy game to play with a lot less pressure than other poker variants as it is a game only against the dealer rather than a number of other players and therefore there is no need to bluff. Following on from this it is important that players do know when it is time to fold. Many players will try to play through the hand but it is better to just have a few minor losses and wait for a better hand to come around. In some cases, though, it is still better to carry on with the hand so it is also important for players to know when this is as well. Folding in these situations is actually a bad move particularly as the player is only against the dealer rather than a large number of other players. Even an only half decent hand is still going to have a high winning possibility. Lastly it is always a good idea to call if one of the cards in the player’s hand can make a pair with one of the community cards from the flop. It is also advised that at this point any players playing Casino Hold’em should call when any of their cards are higher than a seven.

With these simple tips and the rather more basic rules of Casino Hold’em, players should see at least a modicum of success when playing in the live arena. As with all games though it is important to be thorough in the basics, and it is advised to play the game a few times using one of the free demo virtual versions that can be found on numerous casinos as this will simply give extra insight into the way the game is played.