What does the selection of live games look like online?

The live casino game selections are constantly growing. At this time, it is not as fully comprehensive as the virtual casino game library, with fewer options available. Most live casinos will offer a number of the same standard games, which include roulette, baccarat and blackjack. These are the most common and popular table games, usually offered with a number of different variants as well. Roulette for example, can be found in French, European and American forms, Baccarat offers Chemin de fer and Baccarat Squeeze. Blackjack offers the largest number of variants with Unlimited Blackjack, Bet Behind-games, Party Blackjack and many more. As the live casino platform improves, more games are being added to it with Craps, Three card poker, Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker all starting to make their way onto the live casino scene.

All these games tend to be offered with a number of different betting options available to players in order to cater to all budget types. Most casinos also carefully list the games in a section labelled as live casino and will also have the same games clustered together. Alternatively, players can use a search function to locate the game they wish to play.

Live dealer

The live dealer is an integral part of the live dealer games. The live dealer performs all the tasks that a dealer in a land-based casino would do. They shuffle, deal, drop the ball, spin the wheel and more. To all intents and purposes, they are really performing all these actions as if they were in a casino rather than a studio. In fact, their main aim is to make the whole procedure as realistic as possible. With this in mind they will converse and interact with the players as they would in a real life setting and will take bets, discuss options and much more. This chat function is one of the other key features of the live casino game as it is this direct contact and interaction with the dealer that sets the live games apart from the virtual ones.

In addition, in the same way that a player can in a real casino, players are able to choose which dealer they wish to play against. When the casino advertises the games, they also display photos of the dealers alongside that game. Of course, the dealers do work on shifts and will change but they will return to play on the same game consistently. Players can choose their dealer based on looks, personality and even by the language they speak. All of these factors simply add to the overall experience and the full immersion into the game.

How to play live casino games

To play a live casino game first the player needs to choose an online casino. Once they have chosen the casino they then need to make an account or sign into a pre-existing one if this step has already been performed. It is then necessary to deposit some real money into the account, as live games cannot be played as demos, real money must be wagered. After all these steps have been completed, the player can then proceed to the live casino lobby and select the game they wish to play.

After the game has been selected the player will be taken instantly into the live feed, that is, if the game has space available. Some blackjack versions for example will have limited seats in the same way that a real casino has limitations on players. The screen will display the live feed along with the dealer who will great the new player immediately. At the bottom of the screen the player will notice a small virtual section, which will display the chips and betting options. Clicking on these will mean the player places their bets and the information of this will be sent directly to the dealer so that he or she knows what the player’s choices are. In addition, the player can communicate directly with the dealer via the live chat. This live chat function is also available between players allowing them to communicate with each other as well.

Throughout the whole process the dealer will continue a running commentary of the proceedings including informing when betting is open and closed. The entire game is covered by a number of HD-quality cameras and streamed in real time to the player’s device so that can enjoy the action as it unfolds. After a round has finished, the dealer will announce any winners, winnings will be placed directly into the player’s account and the game will begin again.

Differences between live games and web-based games

There are a number of pertinent differences between virtual and live games. The obvious one is of course that a real person runs the live games. This means that there is an element of human error within these games whereas the virtual games are run by random number generators. These RNGs are actually monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they are following all gaming fairness rules and in fact tend to be more reliable than a human dealer. However, many players prefer to take that chance with a human dealer, as it is a much better interaction in a social environment. Virtual games are played completely alone in comparison with the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of a live game. Live games also offer players the choice of the dealer whereas the virtual games are rather lonelier.

Live games are a much more real casino experience than the virtual games. The latter can be performed very fast with no need to wait for other players to make a decision, which can be a bonus for some people. However, the thrill and excitement tends to be lacking and is something very much provided by the live casino games. Essentially, the live casino games bring the true atmosphere of the casino environment into the player’s own home with no need to venture outside.