What is a welcome bonus and how does it work?

A welcome bonus is a common occurrence in the world of online casinos. These are offerings to players in order to entice them to sign up to the casino. All casinos have different bonuses on offer, each trying to be better than the others. All that the player needs to do is open an account with that casino, and then be rewarded with the bonus. Of course, these bonuses are only there to make the player join a casino and potentially spend more money there in the long run. However, this is still a benefit to the player as it is free money and the player is not obligated to stay there after using the bonus. Each of the different bonuses work in a different way, though most do rely on a first deposit from the player.

How to claim a welcome bonus

For the most part, there is no need to input a code or anything of that kind when claiming a welcome bonus. Players simply need to join the casino and make an account. Once the account is registered, they can then claim the bonus. Most will be automatically credited to the account without the player needing to do anything. Some casinos, however, will give players the option to accept or decline a bonus – particularly if it is a match deposit bonus. These are by no means obligatory and many players prefer to avoid them. With this in mind it is important to check when signing up, if it is necessary to accept the bonus in order to receive it. Other casinos, however, will require a longer process. Some do need the player to access their casino inbox and click a ‘claim’-button in order to receive their reward.

There are some casinos that do require a promo code to be entered in order to claim the bonus. This usually occurs during the sign-up phase, and players will be clearly notified to this effect. Often, this is the case for the smaller bonuses such as the free spins or no deposit bonuses. At many casinos, these types of bonuses are also automatically added to the player’s account without them having to do anything to get it. It is therefore very important that players always check how to claim a bonus prior to completing the sign-up process.

Why should I use a welcome bonus?

Many players are unsure as to whether it is a good idea to accept a welcome bonus or not, and at the end of the day it is entirely their choice. For example, many welcome bonuses will help the player win money, but they come with strict wagering requirements which can result in the player never seeing any of those winnings. There also tend to be win limits in place with many bonuses.

On the other hand, however, claiming a welcome bonus can reap the player some serious rewards. Firstly, it allows the player to try out more games and get a feel for the casino as a whole. With no fear of losing one’s own money, the player can enjoy playing the games and testing them all out. Any winnings made are simply a bonus, as the money was free to start with. There is also the possibility of turning a losing streak into a winning one. A welcome bonus will dramatically expand the bankroll, which means that players can play for longer and turn those streaks into winning ones. The bonus acts as a cushion, meaning that even if the player doesn’t earn so much, they have at least balanced out.

At the end of the day though, it is entirely up to each individual on whether they feel it is worth it or not to accept the bonus.

Types of welcome bonuses

There are many different types of welcome bonus, some better than others. The first and most commonly occurring one is the match deposit bonus. This is when the player makes an initial real money deposit into their account and the casino then matches the amount. The percentage of the match will vary between casinos, though the standard does appear to be at 100%. Some casinos will only award a 50% deposit match whilst others will go as high as a 400% match. However, it is still important to shop around and not just jump on the one that offers the highest match percent – these often tend to have a much lower maximum value amount.

Usually, a casino will have a minimum requirement of 10.00 to qualify for the match deposit bonus and then there will be a maximum amount in place. Often this is around 100.00, but some will be lower at 50.00 others have been known to be higher at 1000.00. With this in mind, it is important to compare all aspects of the bonus in order to find the one that provides the most money as a bonus. Sometimes, these match deposits are staggered with players getting different amounts when they make second, third and fourth deposits as well.

Another welcome bonus is the no deposit bonus. This is not as common as the match deposit, but nevertheless can be quite a lucrative bonus. This does not require any deposit from the player, but instead after creating an account a small cash amount will be credited to the player’s account. This is usually a small amount varying between 10.00 to 20.00.

The last welcome bonus are free spins. These often come without the need of a deposit, and can simply be used on the specific game they are for. The number of spins will vary by casino, with some offering just ten free spins, others up to fifty. Some casinos will award the spins on a staggered basis, so that players have to sign in every day to collect them.

Welcome bonuses are an excellent way for players to get a feel for the casino and trial out some games without the need to actually use their own money.