What is a no deposit bonus?

Players will notice that online casinos offer a lot of bonuses to their players. There is an almost overwhelming number of choices so it is important to know what each bonus means and what can be gained from using them. A no deposit bonus is not one of the commonly found ones simply because it does involve the casino giving away money for free. Unlike the match deposit, a player is not required to make any monetary commitment to the casino at all in exchange for this bonus. Instead, all the player has to do is sign up and register for an account. Once this has been done, the no deposit bonus will simply be credited to their account. On occasion the casino will require the player to input a promotion code in order to access this bonus.

There are two types of no deposit bonuses. The first of these is a small cash prize. This is usually anywhere from 5.00 through to 20.00 and can be used on any games within the casino platform. The other no deposit bonus comes in the form of free spins. This can be a one-off amount of free spins provided to the player upon sign up, or it can be a number of spins spread out over a few days in order to keep the player coming back to claim them. These free spins must usually be used on a specific game though, rather than being able to be spread out among a number of different slots. The casino will always specify this, and even when the player plays that specific title, the game will prompt the player asking them if they wish to use the free spins or not.

Are no deposit bonus cash free?

No deposit bonuses can be cashed out, but usually only after a wagering requirement has been completed. In some rare cases, there are no wagering limits attached to a no deposit bonus, but instead the casino will have a minimum withdrawal in place that is going to be significantly higher than the bonus amount. This means that it is not possible for a player to collect the bonus and then remove it without having at least played in the casino or potentially deposited a small amount of money. This stops players from simply going around all the casinos and collecting cash bonuses.

Why do casinos give away no deposit bonuses?

It may seem too good to be true, and in some cases it is, when a player stumbles across a casino that is simply giving out money just for a player to join. However, the casino does have something up its sleeve and this is the wagering requirements. Even though the bonus may be completely free, players are unable to withdraw it or the winnings accumulated from it until a series of wagering requirements are fulfilled. Simply put, wagering requirements are the value of bets the player must make in order to be able to access their bonus winnings. For example, many casinos offer a wagering requirement of thirty times, which means that the bonus amount must be played through that many times. A 5.00 bonus played through thirty times means the player will have to wager 150.00 before the bonus becomes accessible. Different casinos will offer varying requirements with some having them as high as fifty times which will seem almost impossible to surmount.

Players should also be aware that many of these requirements have a time limit on them. These usually start from the moment the bonus has been activated. Most casinos will allow the requirements to be fulfilled in the space of a month, though some will offer a longer time frame and others a shorter one. Failure to fulfil the requirements in time or an attempt to remove the bonus prior to completing the requirements will result in the bonus and any associated winnings, being removed from the player’s account. In addition, it can be likely that the player will no longer be allowed to use any further bonus offers.

Best no deposit casino bonuses

It can be hard to know what the best no deposit bonuses are. Players can be drawn in by what looks to be a large and lucrative bonus, but in many instances these large bonuses are not to be trusted. Casinos do not just hand out large sums of money with little or no attachments to them. For the most part, the best casino bonuses are the ones that sit in the middle ground – they offer a good amount of money but also have a decent wagering requirement attached as well. These bonuses are usually found in the more reputable casinos, which can be distinguished by their licenses, fair gaming certificates, the game providers they use and also the monetary transaction companies in place. When taking a bonus, it is important that the player does check these aspects as well, as it does give a much clearer indication of the overall authenticity of the site.

No deposit bonuses can be worth taking. Even if a player is unable to withdraw any winnings due to the rather steep wagering requirements, they are still able to gain invaluable experience on a number of games. These no deposit bonuses allow players to trial out a casino as a whole without the risk of placing any of their own money inside. Essentially, no matter the outcome at the end, taking the bonus and playing around with it is still a win for the player.