What is a live casino bonus and how does it work?

There are many different types of live casino bonuses. The main ones of these tend to be offered as a welcome package and come in a variety of options such as match deposit, no deposit and free spins. There are also loyalty bonuses that tend to come in the form of a tiered system offered to players once they have remained at a casino for an extended period of time. These, too, will have a number of differences between them.

The most common of all the welcome bonuses is the match deposit bonus. This requires the player to sign up and register an account with the casino. To do this, players need to be over the age of eighteen and provide a valid email address, name and home address along with a password. Once the account has been verified and activated, players will need to make a small deposit into their account, which can then be matched by the casino. The bonus will depend on what percent the casino will match and the maximum value. This is usually a 100% match, and will have a maximum amount of 100.00 in value. Essentially, if a player makes a deposit of 100.00, the casino will award the player with another 100.00 into their account, hence doubling their money. Some casinos will offer only a 50% match, but might allow deposits up to 400.00. this would mean that a player putting the full amount in would still get 200.00 from the casino. However, if they were to only put 100.00 as a deposit, the casino would only give them 50.00. Because of this, it is important that players understand what these numbers mean and how to collect these different bonuses.

Another bonus is a no deposit bonus. This can come as either some free spins, or as a small cash deposit. For the most part, this type of bonus is awarded to the player’s account simply after the account has been verified. On some occasions, the player might need to type in a promo code during the sign-up process, but this will be clearly labelled. Free spins can be awarded as a lump amount, or in some cases awarded over a few days. Cash bonuses are usually a one-off event, and will usually consist of a small amount around 10.00 or 20.00.

Overall, a live casino bonus can be an excellent addition for both casino and player – as we have outlined below.

Live casino bonus advantages

Making use of a live casino bonus can be very advantageous to any player. New players to the game can this way get a chance to explore some of the games. Many players tend to stick with what they know, and are afraid to waste or lose their money if they branch out into the unknown. Acquiring and using a casino bonus takes this fear away as it allows players to test out other games in a much more relaxed manner – there is no fear of losing because there is nothing to lose.

Another positive to these live bonuses is that they improve the player’s odds within a game. By having more money to spend in a game, players can last longer, practice more and get a better feel of the way the game is played. This is particularly important in the live casino environment, as it does take a lot of practice to become better at the game. Players that are using bonus money can relax and spend time watching the other players, or simply focus on the table at hand without having the nagging worry of not enough cash in the bankroll. Being able to place larger bets throughout the game can also increase the wins that are made from them – in circular fashion, this provides the player with more money which they can use to continue playing. Having a bonus to play around with also adds to the overall enjoyment and entertainment of the game.

There are many different types of casino bonuses though, and some have better advantages than others. For example, a match deposit bonus simply provides the player with more money to play with, while the no deposit bonus offers instant free cash to the player. In the end, everything will depend on how the player goes about using the bonus and which of the advantages they will claim.

Why casinos give away bonuses

Players will note that all casinos offer bonuses. To some this may seem counterproductive as the casino is essentially giving away money when in fact they wish to make money. However, there is an important reason why casinos give away these bonuses, and it is a simple one. With so much competition between casinos, they are always vying with one another to attract players. The bigger and better looking the casino bonus, the more players a casino can entice to join. Essentially it is all a marketing ploy, and a successful one at that. These freebies attract new players, and new players bring money.

Players are also much more likely to join a casino if there is a good welcome offer, and the casinos know this. Everyone likes free money, as it can be very beneficial when playing at the casino. Casinos simply play on this, and most players fall right into their trap. With this in mind, casinos offer a wide range of different bonus types that catch an equally wide range of players. Some bonuses are completely free with no need for the player to do anything to get them, whereas others do necessitate the player to actually make a small deposit of their own. This latter type also helps create a link between the player and the casino. Once the player has actually made a deposit, however small, a link has been made and the casino is less likely to lose that player in the future as they have their money.

With this in mind, many casinos will go one step further than the traditional welcome bonus and offer loyalty programs as well. These continue offering players bonuses of varying kinds with the levels of the bonus increasing if the player plays often, stays a long time or other markers.

Once a player has joined a casino it is expected that they will input their own money later on in their time there simply because they are now enjoying the games in their own right. In this manner, the casino will actually benefit in the long run from giving out these bonuses.

Casino bonus ladder

Some casinos offer a casino bonus ladder. This is essentially an extension of the original welcome bonus offer and is usually attached to the match deposit bonus. As previously mentioned, players normally can get a 100% match deposit on their first bonus. Usually, this is going to be the highest amount the casino offers. Many then offer further match deposit bonuses in an attempt to keep players staying at the casino. However, these usually go down a scale with the casino either lowering the maximum deposit amount that will be matched or lowering the percentage of the match.

On rare occasions these subsequent match deposit bonuses will actually remain the same as the original one and in some instances, the bonus will even rise. This usually occurs at the fourth deposit bonus in an attempt to keep players interested and to continue to deposit.

Often there will be casino bonus ladders in VIP or Loyalty programs as well. Here, these bonus ladders can be highly lucrative. Once a player is in this type of program, they are usually required to gain points by playing certain bet amounts on specific games. As they accrue points, their status will rise. These programs will have multiple levels or tiers each, where a different number of points has to be gained in order to stay at that level. When players reach a level, they can reap the benefits. These types of programs offer huge bonuses, which can be as simple as extra cash or as exciting as concert, sport or event tickets. As players rise up the ladder, the prizes and rewards will grow significantly making it highly enticing to reach for the higher tiers.

Casino bonus wagering requirements

Whilst the casino bonuses do look like something too good to be true on many occasions, they are accompanied by something called wagering requirements. It is through these that casinos will actually make back some of the money they have seemingly given away. Wagering requirements will vary between casinos so it is important for players to check these details closely. Normally, the details can be found in the fine print attached to any of the bonuses.

In simple terms, a wagering requirement is the amount of money the player needs to bet in order to be able to make a withdrawal of their bonus winnings. Many bonuses do not allow the bonus itself to be withdrawn – only the winnings that are related to that bonus. However, until a player has fulfilled the requirements of these conditions they will be unable to remove any of their winnings. If a player attempts to do so, it can result in the casino taking the bonus and subsequent winnings from their account. If a player is a repeat offender, it can cause them to end up being banned from the casino as a whole and potentially also any of its affiliates.

For the most part, wagering requirements are relatively simple. The vast majority of casinos have conditions that, whilst high, are at least achievable. Many casinos will offer their bonuses at a rate of around 20 times, which simply means that the bonus amount must be wagered twenty times through before any bonus money can be taken out. In other words, if the bonus was 10.00 then the player has to wager twenty times 10.00 i.e. wager up to the value of 200.00. This may seem almost insurmountable, but it is not the case and many players successfully achieve this goal in order to then withdraw any winnings they have made. There is also usually a time limit that is attached to these bonuses as well. Many casinos require the wagering requirements to be met within the period of a month. Some casinos offer longer time periods, some offer less. If a player fails to complete the wagering requirements within the time frame, then the bonus money and its winnings will simply be removed from their account. This does not affect any money or winnings from real money deposits made by the player later on.

On very rare occasions, casinos will offer very low wagering requirements – some have been known to offer as little as just 2 times. In some instances, a casino will offer a bonus with zero requirements attached at all. However, these are very few and far between while the bonuses offered alongside these no wagering requirements are usually very low. However, they are still of great benefit to a player who simply wants to trial out a few games, and that’s not to say that they will not get a lucky spin and win it all.

Live casino bonuses have many pros and cons attached to them. At the end of the day it is up to the individual to decide if they are worth using or not. With this detailed explanation of what these types of bonuses entail, players are now given all the information with which to make an informed decision. Really though, there is nothing to lose by taking a live casino bonus as the money is free and if the player does not manage to meet wagering requirements, the practice and knowledge that has been gained through play is invaluable.