Who is considered a casino high roller?

A high roller, also dubbed a whale, is a player that plays huge bets within a casino. In order to be considered a true high roller this high bet cannot just occur on a one-off occasion but must be continued on a regular basis. Because of their large amounts of money that they input into the casino, high rollers are generally treated far better than any other player. High rollers expect, and receive, very special treatment from the casinos, as the casino wishes to keep such generous customers at their establishment at all costs. In order to achieve this, many casinos will provide almost outrageous benefits to these players. This can include extending the player a generous line of credit, rebates, cash back offers or even just high-profile competitions. Both online and land based casinos will do almost anything to cater to a high roller – such is the money that they bring in.

Different countries have varying definitions of a high roller with Australia requiring a high roller to bring in anywhere from 50,000 to 75,000 AUD to a table. In the US, the definition is a lot higher with a high roller required to bring in at least 200,000 USD and a general tendency to play 500-dollar hands. Whatever the definition, all can agree that it must be a significant amount of money on a regular basis. Another bonus that the casino will offer in conjunction with these huge sums is that they will often waive the bet limits and increase limits in some places to as much as 500,000 USD.

The benefits of being a high roller

For those who have the money to spend, being a high roller can offer huge rewards. Firstly, they are always instantly recognized by the casino staff and tend to have a crew instantly on hand to wait on them. The casino crew will be extra attentive to their every want and desire in order to make their stay as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. After all a happy customer is more likely to play more within the casino. This is also the case in the online world with high rollers being treated to personal managers with whom they can get instant connectivity for any problem that arises.

Casinos will offer a huge number of monetary rewards as part of their wooing of this big fish. These can come in the form of cashback offers. These will vary between casinos but are usually set at 25% cashback for the high rollers. Casinos will also offer bonus cash, tournament entries, VIP gambling rooms, and more in order to cater to the high roller. For those players who are in land based casinos, they are often offered exclusive chauffer driven vehicles to get around the area, invites to high profile parties, concert tickets and much more. Online casinos will offer similar benefits and both will offer unlimited withdrawal and deposit rates in order to encourage the high roller to reach their limits. The dedicated host for the online high rollers will even work to find the best way for high rollers to transfer large sums of money to the casino whilst avoiding the biggest fees.

Casino Whale

For many, the term whale denotes a player who spends even greater sums of money than a high roller. For many, a whale occurs when the player starts to spend over $1 000 000. Whales can have a budget that is anywhere from one million through to twenty million and this can be spent in the course of a single weekend. These players are often seen betting at $25,000 for just a single hand and tend to be mostly seen on card tables such as baccarat.

There are a number of characteristics shared by whales that set them apart instantly. Often, they are seen to be very generous. This occurs even when they are losing and whales have been known to regularly tip casino staff in the thousands. They usually come along with a large entourage. This can be bodyguards or simply just family or friends. Regardless, these people are often seen standing in support when the whale is at player. though they like the VIP treatment that is afforded to them by the casino, they are often very camera shy and tend to stay away from the public limelight. Unless they are invited to an exclusive party as part of their stay at the casino, these players will usually hide themselves away when not sitting at any of the tables. Though they don’t seem to care so much if they win or lose, their attitude nevertheless becomes very serious when they are at play. They can be spending huge sums on just one hand of play so it is still important to them to concentrate and avoid making silly mistakes.

Top High rollers

There are a number of high rollers that have been notable in their wins or indeed losses over time. Adnan Khashoggi was an international arms dealer that managed to take 3,2 million pounds from the London Ritz Casino during the 80s. His preferred game was baccarat, and he was known to spend hours playing on his trips to London.

A man with a different way of winning is Don Johnson. He rose to fame for his $15 million wins at two separate casinos. Later on it turned out that it was the casinos themselves who had made a slight mess of things and essentially gave Johnson a massive house edge. Seizing the opportunity, Johnson played blackjack using this mistake to his advantage and costing the casino dearly.

Some of the biggest spenders are also the biggest losers. NBA star Charles Barkley is also known for his fondness to gamble, and it is believed he has lost $30 million in his gambling career. Barkley’s game of choice is blackjack, and throughout the gameplay he remains open and friendly preferring to play on the floor allowing fans to watch him.

High rollers are a staple for many casinos, and keeping them happy is an absolute must. For example, a high roller can singlehandedly affect a casino’s earnings simply by the amount they win or lose in a given period of time.